torsdag 23 september 2010

Cause' he's one of my best dreaming partners,

cause' today it's his birthday.
Happy birthday!

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  1. Happy birthday, Boss! :-)
    I made apple pie last year... and ate one piece for every album, which I listened to in chronological order until I ran out of pie. That's what I call celebration of music :-)

  2. Sounds better than mine this year! I had to go to work... came home from work, then listened to his epic concert at the Capitol Theatre in '78.

    It's the best bootleg I found so far... here are the links, the download is divided into two parts:

    the versions of Prove It All Night, Racing In The Street, and Thunder Road are awesome. Great story as an intro for Thunder Road too...

    You need to download those and tell me what you think, but in my opinion, some of the versions of the songs are better than on the 75-85 live box set.

  3. Oh you're right about that, they can't be anything else :-) He never disappoints. And his music has been such a great inspiration and help over the past couple years...

    Actually, I noticed that the download material from the second link has got to be something else - probably rehearsals or studio outtakes from The River (and the names are wrong too - someone has messed that up). They're not a part of the concert, so that's only the first link... those are the right song titles though and everything's in the right order.

    Thanks, have an awesome weekend too!