söndag 3 oktober 2010

A while back.

Photos taken by Sofia and Eleonor.

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  1. Yes, I've seen No Direction Home, but it was a few years ago; I don't remember much of it. I watch way too many movies. :-) Scorsese is a great director though, I loved Shine A Light about the Rolling Stones too, great film, great concert.

    Dylan's words are poetry indeed, though.
    Like, "Desolation Row"... all the characters, the whole story is so vivid, it could be a movie script indeed. Whenever I listen to it, I see it right in front of my eyes. Actually, I'd love to make a series of photographs out of it, pictures of locations and portraits of people who resemble the way I imagine the characters in the song to look if they really existed. Let me know if you wanna pose as Cinderella or Ophelia :-)
    I started shooting locations as early as 2006... here are some pictures



    I visualised Desolation Row as some kind of dead end street with dark windows, closed curtains, and loads of little shops where the people meet. Losers. Desperate souls.

    Love the landscape, btw... is that in the north of Sweden or do the rivers freeze even in southern Sweden?